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Speed and agility

Speed and agility is vital in most sports and the ability to master these skills is key to SUCCESS in this endeavour.

Each sport will have specific components that will require specialisation and focused training on. Speed can be broken down into 5 components:

Reaction, Agility, Acceleration, Max velocity, and Speed-endurance.

Pure sprinters such as for the 100m will be focused on mastering reaction, acceleration, and max velocity where as sports such as basketball will require their athletes to master agility, acceleration, and speed-endurance.

Whilst most speed and agility programs will be fairly standardised and have components that cross over, without specialising and focusing your efforts into the key sub-categories of speed required for your sport then it is a lot of wasted energy.

You wouldn't expect an Olympic sprinter to have amazing agility or an speed endurance but you would expect them to master their ability to accelerate and maintain maximum velocity.

Finding the right mix of training and developing well thought out programming is vital in achieving the goals you have set for your sport.

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