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Pilates Instructor

Pilates and Small group classes

Supervised exercise practice is one of the best ways you can improve your health and live longer. 


Pilates has been around since the 1920's and has helped thousands of people improve muscle strength and tone, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Private vs Small group classes

Depending on your previous experience and level of fitness you can choose to participate in either our group classes or private sessions. We usually recommend having at least one private appointment so we can see what you would benefit the most from.

Private appointment pros:

- one on one attention

- custom tailored exercise program

- individual feedback

Group class pros:

- cost effective

- social and fun environment

- can bring a friend along

Benefits of Pilates

1. It increases core strength

2. It improves posture

3. It decreases back pain

4. It prevents injuries

5. It increases energy

6. It enhances body awareness

7. It decreases stress

8. It reduces menstrual pain

9. It improves flexibility and mobility

10. It improves balance

11. It boosts your immunity

12. It improves cognitive functioning

13. It can improve motivation

14. It improves your sex life

15. It enhances sports performance

16. It strengthens your bones

17. It boosts your moo

18. It improves sleep

19. It encourages playfulness

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