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Telehealth Consultations

Online consultations (also known as telehealth) are health services conducted via video streaming. With the changes due to COVID-19, more health care providers across the world are rapidly transitioning to telehealth for continuity of care whilst fully eliminating the risk to public health.


We can provide physiotherapy assessments, treatments, exercise or even Pilates sessions via telehealth.

Telehealth Consultation FAQs

Does it actually work?



The short answer is yes. It works. We can safely say that many physiotherapists have been doing “unofficial telehealth” even before graduation. For years, we’ve been consulting online for our family members, friends overseas who message on WhatsApp saying “what do I do about this weird elbow pain that’s been going on for months?”.


There’s a reasonable level of research to show that telehealth has a positive impact on health outcomes in people with musculoskeletal conditions (ref 3). There’s also evidence that telehealth is highly effective for other conditions including stroke, post-operative and chronic heart failure (ref 4-6).

How do online consultations work?



It works because your experienced physiotherapist uses clinical reasoning to diagnose and formulate the next steps to take. We can guide you on a more efficient, biomechanically friendly path, load your body with enough exercises, advise you and calm your fears just like how we would in person. 


So call us if you have any questions or book in your telehealth session directly through the usual booking platform. You don’t need to download anything for the consultation as it is web browser based. Be sure you have a pair of headphones (wireless ones are ideal), a large enough screen and a clear space to move around in.

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