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DAVID TRAN - BSc (Hlth), MPhty

Principal Physiotherapist

David developed a passion for sharing pain-free movement after a series of injuries playing rugby and bodybuilding (including ACL reconstruction, fractures, shoulder dislocations, ankle sprains). He aims to personalise your rehabilitation and treatment goals, and is experienced in treating a wide range of acute and long-term conditions, including sporting injuries, back pain, shoulder injuries, hip, knee and ankle injuries.

David draws on his skills and training in Physiotherapy, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning and Personal training to combine theory with practical experience for his clients. When David isn't treating patients, you can find him presenting Pilates Teacher Training with APPI,  or spending time with his greyhound Holly.


ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Personal Trainer

Sports trainer Level 1

Pilates Mat and Reformer Teacher



Senior Physiotherapist

Suyi has been a physiotherapist for over a decade, and has been practicing martial arts for over 30 years. She loves combining hands-on, exercise and dry-needling treatment techniques in her sessions.

She has a special interest in temporo-mandibular dysfunction (TMD) and has first-hand experience recovering from various injuries (thumb, wrist, neck, shoulder, hip, foot, knee surgery) as well as recent non-operative management for her ACL tear.


Guiding those under her care back to higher levels of function with a bit of TLC is her true passion.

Spinal Level 1 (APA)
2nd Degree Black Belt (Shao Chi Chuan)
Level 1 Instructor (Sing Ong Tai Chi)


ANDY WONG - BAppSc (HmnMvt), GradDipClinExSc, MExSc (S&C), MPhty

Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist

Andy has a background in working as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and Personal Trainer in a range of settings for almost 10 years. His passion is to combine this experience with his Physiotherapy skills to get people moving again and help them return to the activities they love.


Andy is an avid volleyballer and enjoys using resistance training to keep in shape and manage his own injuries.



Exercise Physiologist

Master of Strength and Conditioning

Sports Trainer Level 1

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Physiotherapist and Run coach

Paulina is a Polish/Canadian Physiotherapist, who as a long-distance runner has a passion for running biomechanics, run coaching and lower limb injuries (including stress fractures, muscle tears/strains, tendinopathies, meniscus tears, and sprains).


Since becoming a mum, she has a special interest in woman’s health (including pelvic floor strength/dysfunction). She loves to help pre/post-natal mother’s tackle the physical obstacles of pregnancy and thrives to be an example for mothers, showing them how amazing and capable their bodies truly are.


Her goal as a physiotherapist is to not only get her patients to reach their goals, but to help them become stronger and more resilient humans. She believes the human body has endless potential, and all we need to do is unlock it.


NSW Athletics Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach

Sports Trainer Level 1



Remedial Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist

Hiep has always been interested in learning Traditional Chinese Medicine, due to its dynamic theories and therapeutic applications on how it could be aligned with an individual's physical and emotional states to improve their quality of life.


Hiep uses a combination of Acupuncture and Remedial Massage techniques to manage musculoskeletal pain from either acute and long-term conditions that includes sprains, strains and tendonitis. Furthermore, he is highly interested in Emotional/Mental Health, Facial Bell’s Palsy, Frozen shoulder and Sciatica 



Remedial Massage Therapist 



Practice Manager

Equipment Pilates Instructor

Monica has always led an active lifestyle, having trained in classical ballet from a young age. She found that amongst life's light and shade, a consistent movement practice was the key to remaining disciplined, playful, and grounded.

Monica truly believes positive movement experiences can create equilibrium between body, mind, and breath. With a focus on alignment, body awareness, and breath, expect a challenging session with light-hearted fun!

Monica is Mentor with Polestar Pilates Australia for their Mat, Reformer and Studio Equipment Pilates courses. 

Diploma of Polestar Pilates (10828NAT) - Polestar Pilates Australia 600 hrs
Cert IV Polestar Pilates Matwork Instruction (10520NAT) - Polestar Pilates Australia 335 hrs
350hrs+ RYT
Masters of Counselling Social Work, The University of New South Wales
Bachelor of Social Work, The University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Management)





Holly is our resident greyhound rescue, to provide stress relief and a supportive tail wag before, during, and after your session. She retired from racing at 3 years 9 months of age to pursue her dream career in clinic administration and napping. 

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