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Physiotherapy for Athletes

Our physiotherapists have worked with all levels of sports teams in AFL, rugby league, rugby union, basketball and more.


We provide treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and focus on injury prevention, maintenance and recovery interventions to support your performance. 

Injury Prevention

We assess the risk of injury associated with a specific sport or activity. We can then create interventions to reduce the occurrence or recurrence of specific injuries

Acute Intervention

Implement plans and treatment to deal with acute injuries and conditions that can occur during sports training, competitions or in the gym.


Our physiotherapists help to assess and diagnose athletic injuries. Exercise-based interventions are then designed and implemented to assist athlete’s return to their optimal performance and safely return to their specific sport or physical activity.

Performance Enhancement

At Strength and Pilates Physiotherapy, we not only help you safely return to sport or your physical activity, we aim to improve your athletic performance. This is achieved through profiling your sport, assessing the demands and specific movements or analysing your squat and deadlift.

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