Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage involves the assessment, analysis and treatment of your body. It is an umbrella term for a wide range of soft tissue techniques that aim to improve posture and flexibility, relieve sore muscles, prevent &/ or manage injury and improve sports performance.

The Role of a Qualified Remedial Massage Therapist

Remedial Massage Therapist, is a complementary therapy that focuses on the knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy and physiology functions. This helps to determine appropriate approach to address individual’s specific complaints to assist with their recovery, maintain mobility and over health well-being.


For every individual, Remedial Massage Therapist will go through assessment/examination by identifying, locating and palpating the accessible complained area that is relevant to the anatomic structure. Once the Remedial Massage Therapist has determined your complaint is coming from either connective tissues, muscles, tendons and/or ligaments; appropriate massage application techniques will be modified and adjusted to your status to achieve the desirable outcome.

Health Benefits of Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage can increase blood flow within your body to stimulate efficient blood supply to help to heal and repair the specific injury area that has been damaged due to sport activities, daily life activities, working and many more.

The benefits of have remedial massage may included;

- Improves blood circulation

- Prevents and relieves muscle spasms, tightness, soreness and aching

- Reduce scar tissues

- Calms the nervous system

- Managing with acute and chronic pain

- Encourage to bring back full range of motion

Remedial Massage FAQs

Can massaging be painful?



This depends on the severity of the condition and pain tolerance level can differ from person to person. Not everyone is the same. However, some patients’ may experience some sort of discomfort during the Remedial massage session as the therapist is putting hands on pressure on your skin, connective tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

How many sessions will I need?



In all honesty, this depends on the severity and difficulty of the condition that includes from either acute and chronic to each individual person. Some may experience relief response within the first or two treatments, while others may take several or longer.