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Paulina Backiel

Physiotherapist and Run Coach


NSW Athletics Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach

Sports Trainer Level 1

Paulina is a Polish/Canadian Physiotherapist, who as a long-distance runner has a passion for running biomechanics, run coaching and lower limb injuries (including stress fractures, muscle tears/strains, tendinopathies, meniscus tears, and sprains).

Since becoming a mum, she has a special interest in woman’s health (including pelvic floor strength/dysfunction). She loves to help pre/post-natal mother’s tackle the physical obstacles of pregnancy and thrives to be an example for mothers, showing them how amazing and capable their bodies truly are.

Her goal as a physiotherapist is to not only get her patients to reach their goals, but to help them become stronger and more resilient humans. She believes the human body has endless potential, and all we need to do is unlock it.

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