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Ankle Fracture Rehab - Part 1

When recovering from any fracture it is important that you see an orthopaedic specialist to correctly diagnose the condition.

Different ankle fracture classifications will determine the rehabilitation management needed for full recovery. The Webber classification system is used for ankle fractures and the A/B/C classification determines if the fracture is stable/unstable and will manage it either conservatively or surgically.

Once the correct diagnosis is given, the fracture management protocol can be put into action and we can determine whether the patient will be non-weightbearing (crutches) or partial to full weightbearing in a CAM boot.

Here we have the orthopaedic specialist describing the overall management plan of a Webber B fracture.

When it comes to stable and uncomplicated fractures within the lower limb, early weightbearing a mobilisation can be a key factor in overall recovery and return to work and as such the diagnosis and plan provided should streamline this.

"Treating patients without plaster may result in faster rehabilitation"

For more information read on in the following study.…/2007-3/11-Gul%20et%20al.pdf

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