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Ankle Fracture Rehab - Part 2

When recovering from a fracture or any injury that requires a period of rest and offload, it's important that we do this in a relative sense.

Without consistent load and resistance on our body, it is very easy for the muscles to atrophy and bones to become weaker. Strength and any type of exercises training have the added benefit of improving mood (through the release of dopamine) and can greatly enhance our outlook on recovery. A better psychological state will lead to a improved outcomes, as the opposite (poor psychological outcomes) can lead to worse outcomes and potentially chronicity of pain.

As such we need to take an active approach in our rehabilitation to facilitate the greatest outcomes in terms of our recovery and focus on what WE CAN DO!

If you have a broken leg, you can still maintain function within the rest of the body and maintain your exercise and training regime. This will not only promote a greater sense of independence, but it will improve recovery times.

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