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Ankle fracture rehab - Part 6

Proprioception and return to impact training!

Ankle fracture rehab - Part 6

Now that we have progressed through the strength training portion of our ankle rehab, it is time to add in higher impact to our programming.

The human body was designed to withstand high impact forces with studies conducted showing the femur and other weight bearing bones being stronger than concrete in its force resistance. In order for bones to grow stronger, a resistance and load must be applied to them to stimulate ostegenic bone growth. Higher impact training can be slowly introduced when recovering from your ankle fracture and will be necessary if you are looking to return to running and exercise.

However when introducing high impact load back into our training it is important that we do this concurrently with balance and proprioceptive training. Beginning your treatment with a few sets of proprioceptive and balance exercises will prime the brain and body into maintaining it's position during explosive and higher impact movements. Variations such as double leg jumps, single leg jumps, steps on the spots, high knees, butt kicks can all be done to assist with returning to exercise.

If you're finding it too hard to progress directly into high impact exercises done on the floor, you can always regress by doing these exercises on a softer surface or a trampoline.

All the exercises shown in this series will have a time of cross over and will often be done together to get the most efficiency in your training and rehab. As you re-introduce higher impact training, you will be able to manage the progression by feel. Slowly add in more height to the jump and begin to add in light running as you can handle more impact!

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