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Row for runners?

If you're looking to improve your running or exercise performance, try the single arm row.

Performing unilateral rowing movements are an extremely effective training tool.

In this clip I am performing heavier rows at a lower rep range to target and focus on strength (50kg x 4).

Modification to weight, speed, or tempo will change the dynamic of the exercise. A slower tempo and controlled movement through the thoracic and lumbar spine will target and strengthen your core. By having a split lunge instead of a squared off position you can now also begin to strengthen your anterior or posterior slings as we have now added an element of anti-rotation. This is vital as your posterior sling (as connected through your thorocolumbar fascia) will facilitate all movements especially for runners.

The lats attach to the opposite glutes through the TLF. Common dysfunctions found in runners are "glutes not firing". Therefore an exercise that strengthens and contracts into your lats can cause a synergistic activation into the opposite glutes.

Train the back to turn on the glutes!

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