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Shoulder range assistance - Pulley

Fractured your collar bone? Sore or tight shoulder? Told you have a problem with your rotator cuff?

Try using a pulley!

The shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint) is a very mobile joint and requires a lot of flexibility and active stability to maintain its position during movement.

After an injury it is very common to have the shoulder joint immobilised or given a time of rest within a sling.

During this time, stiffness around the joint can often build up as well as atrophy of the surrounding muscles (particularly the rotator cuff). When recovering from this it's important the the first phase is focused on regaining full range of motion within the joint.

But how can we do this when the muscles don't have the strength to move the joint actively?

By using a pulley or some other form of active assistance / passive assistance. Using a pulley will help regain the lost range within the shoulder but also allow the muscles to slowly regain control around the joint and build up the necessary strength to move the shoulder. Remember, if you need to get more movement back into the shoulder but it's too painful or weak to move yourself: use a pulley.

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