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Training specificity and cross over to sport.

Have you wondered why no two training programs are the same? That's because every program made has to serve a specific purpose for the individual and athlete.

Depending if you are in the off-season, pre-season, in-season, peaking, prepping, or just looking to improve from your last training session; every training program should be specific to your goals.

The common mistake most beginners make is that they follow so called "icons" that have been training for years and years and will base and try to emulate the same type of training without taking into consideration the different dynamics to exercise programing.

Are you looking to build muscle? Are you looking to be a sprinter? Get stronger? Fitter? Better at soccer? Why are you training in that particular way?

All of these factors and goals will play a huge role in developing the right program for you.

It would be foolish to only use paused ATG front squats for a high jumper as their main training tool, as it would be foolish to only use high box squats for an olympic lifter.

Ask yourself, why are you training? How can this exercise cross over to achieve the goals in my sport? How can I program this into my current phase in training?

good guide would be to start off basic and get as much advice off someone with experience in what you're looking to achieve.

Powerlifters may start off with a simple 5x5 program for the first 6 months - 1 year of training and progress to a more complex conjugate and undulating periodisation program as they become more advanced into their training. Track and field athletes can start off with basic sprinting drills and focus on honing in their running technique before incorporating more specific strength and power training drills.

The point of this is that what ever you're looking to achieve, make sure that it will in some way, shape, or form help you achieve what you want.

A current goal I have is to compete in a body building competition whilst maintaining good functionality and strength in my body.

Thus my programming is based on hypertrophy and strength with elements of mobility to assist in building muscle mass whilst maintaining the ability to do the splits and performing advanced maneuvers with the hope of performing a 140kg clean by early next year.

Train smart, stay consistent, enjoy the process!

For more information book online @

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