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Ankle Fracture Rehab - Part 5

Ankle Fracture rehab part 5 - Functional Ankle Strength

Strength training is the most evidenced based and common staple of a rehabilitation program. Depending on the stage of the rehabilitation, different exercise variations such as opened chained, closed chain, isometrics, eccentrics and many more will be used to get your body moving as it should.

Similar to ankle sprains, a severe ankle fracture can cause disruption and damage of the lateral ankle ligaments. An active stabiliser of the ankle that works with the lateral ligaments to keep the ankle in position are the peroneals. Open chain exercises can be used initially to build up the strength to maintain alignment and prevent inversion, however its main role in the ankle is to plantarflex and evert the foot in a closed chain and weightbearing position.

Having a stimulus such as a soft bounce ball will cause you to actively evert the foot and ankle into neutral. By adding in a decline calf raise, you can now isometrically work the peroneals (everters) in its functional position whilst also strengthening the plantar flexors (gastroc, soleus, plantaris, peroneals) which will be required for gait and return to exercise/sport.

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